The Mako Aqua Wallet

The Mako Wallet is our premier divers-grade waterproof wallet.

It\'s made from a durable soft matte PVC and designed for comfort, quality and good looks. The thin, lightweight design is the perfect waterproof environment for your Passport, Cash, and Debit Cards. Also, each unit will come with an arm strap, lanyard and belt loop.

But you don\'t have to be a diver to use it. The applications for this waterproof wallet are limi..

The Great White

Cell phones are the most essential electronic devise in our lives.  The beach, however, presents one of the harshest environments for most cell phones on the market.

That's why we've developed The Great White.  If you've ever experienced getting sand in all the little crevices of your smart phone you can understand that it may take days, if ever, to get the sand completely out.  The Great White is a universal smart phone case that allows you to use the touch screen and make phone calls through the protective membrane.  Th..