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Shark Pack Waterproof Wallets / Passport, Phone, Camera, Credit Card Holders

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Protect Your Valuables on a Cruise, Spring Break, International Vacation - Get the Most Durable Waterproof Wallet.

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Let's face it; your cell phone is a part of who you are, it is a reflection of you, your position in life and where you want to go. When you are at the beach or on a cruise ship keep your Iphone, Android or Blackberry safe and secure in style with our best selling Great White travel wallets. The beach is among the harshest environments for your phone. Getting sand on your phone is not only annoying but can actually damage your phone AND most cell phone companies DO NOT cover water damage.

Our Great White waterproof wallets are our best selling universal case that will fit virtually any smart phone and will keep your phone in a dry and sand proof environment, this is a must have for anyone going on a cruise or at the beach. The original Shark Pack wallet is our award winning Mako waterproof passport wallet. This product is ideal for securing your passport, cruise itinerary, cash and debit cards. The Mako comes with an arm strap and lanyard so while at port, enjoy those jet skis, take that snorkeling excursion with the peace of mind that your essentials are safe and secure. Shark Packs are a must have for any cruise aficionado and make the perfect gift but they are NOT sold on board any ship. They are available exclusively at We recommend getting both the Mako and the Great White for total protection and we offer free shipping on all orders over $35.00.

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